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Eighteen years ago Canadian Psychic Dickie Motherwell started painting her own tarot card deck. This project involved 79 paintings and a great deal of research. Dickie approached this traditional game with new awareness and contemporary thinking. The Motherwell Tarot is international and multicultural by nature with interracial and holistic concepts that appeal to the collective consciousness today. The art style is primitive, straightforward, utilizes bright colors and Universal symbolism and touches the inner child in each of us.

The original tarot card deck are acrylic on 30" by 40"canvases and were painted with the intent of being reduced in size. Dickie travelled while painting this collection to numerous locations such as BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Washington State, California, Arizona, New Mexico, South Carolina and Hawaii. You can see the various influences in the deck. The first public showing occurred at the Park Royal Mall in West Vancouver and was sponsored by the West Vancouver Art Council in July of 1993.

The booklet came later over a period of 11 years while Dickie studied and experimented with different interpretations to create a clear accurate system of divination. She surrounded the pictures on each card with four different interpretative meanings making them simple to use and easy to understand especially for beginner readers. The words and pictures together are very stimulating to the intuitive mind making them well received by all readers regardless of their level of experience.

In 2000 Dickie started to publish her cards online one at a time in the form of free email letters called Mystic Messages. Slowly she has accumulated an online following with her art, stories, predictions and open hearted approach to humanity. In 2002 Dickie joined forces with Sahara software to produce a downloadable executable Internet game called Protarot Motherwell. Then in 2003 Dickie created the online Tarot game involving a three card spread, a 10 card spread and a 32 card spread called www.fortunetellinggames. All of these games have her recorded voice interpretations which make them fun and easy to use. The 32 card spread is also sold by itself at www.gongheefotchoy.com.

She still dreamed of publishing a physical version of her deck and finally in September 15th, 2008 it came off the press at Sundog Printers in Calgary. Dickie has been travelling throughout Western Canada promoting her work by participating in trade shows, lectures, media appearances and book signings. The new Motherwell Tarot Deck can be found online at www.motherwelltarot.com and also www.dickiemotherwell.com. There are also a number of metaphysical bookstores selling them in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The Motherwell Tarot is copyrighted in Canada and the United States.

Dickie has been a practicing psychic for 27 years and for those seeking her psychic gift they can contact her at www.telephonereadings.ca or www.emailreadings.ca.








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